Persona history, Fernandez Burgello II, called Talon

I was born Fernandez Burgello II in the year of our father 975, in a small town called Tarifa in the south of Spain. I was born into a family of wealthy olive farmers, and educated by the Sisters of Saint Maria. Al-Andalus, the southern part of Spain, had been ruled by the Moors for the last hundred years.

At the age of ten I was taught how to use a bow. In southern Europe, the bowwas a mainly Moorish weapon and not much used by Europeans, except for hunting.

When I was seventeen, a group of bandits attacked our farm and my wholefamily was killed. I grabbed my bow and ran, killing two of the bandits as Ifled. The next day I reached Gibraltar and stowed away on a spice ship.

After six months at sea we were caught in a storm and had to land. A fewyears earlier the land had been settled – it was now known as the Principalityof Lochac. I joined the household of Sir Kane as a squire of the Barony ofAneala. Sir Kane decided that because of my archery skills I would become anapprentice to his falconer. This is how I earned the name “Talon”.

After three years I decided it was a good time to leave, as the Marshalswere becoming wise to my naughty habit of borrowing without asking. Again Istowed away on a ship. Unfortunately, this time I was caught borrowing a pieceof bread from the First Mate. He put me to scrubbing the decks, and that is howI came to see the most amazing sight of my life. At first I thought it was anisland, but as we came closer I realised that it was in fact a huge mountainwith rugged green-brown slopes and a mantle of white cloud.

As soon as the ship came close to shore I dived overboard and swam to shore.When I stumbled onto dry land I was greeted by smiling natives with gifts offruit. They told me that a Shire had been founded nearby to service ships ofthe spice route with fresh fruit and vegetables. I eventually made my way thereand found the Shire of Adamestor, where I presently reside.