Adamastor Shire Charter

Charter granted to the Shire of Adamastor

Know that We have conceded and confirmed by this charter Our citizens of Adamastor that the Shire of Adamastor be Our free Shire according to Our laws and the Laws and Policies of Our fair Drachenwald. Let it also be known that we have confirmed to the people of Adamastor all the liberties and laws which the people of Drachenwald have in their lands save those reserved by Ourselves. Be it also known to all the peoples of Our fair Kingdom that We have granted the right to arrange such fairs and gatherings as they please with all customs such as any gathering in all Drachenwald has. We have also conceded to them that they may marry their sons and daughters freely wherever they wish throughout Our whole land and widows likewise on the advice of their friends, and that they may give or sell or do as they wish with their possessions in goods and buildings, and whenever they wish.

Matthew, King
Anna, Queen