Bardic Effusions

As promised, herewith Thomas of Ely’s sonnet, which he recited at the bardic circle event in September; in addition, I include Bartholomew’s alliterative verse, “dedicated to Sean Connery, in honour of his sterling performance as a scaly bastard, in that film whose name I have forgotten.”

To the Ladies of Adamastor,
A Flirtation and Confession

Thomas d’Ely, by his Hand

How does one frame proper words to bind
The beauty of which I shall sing?
No fairer ladies will you ever find
In all the lands under the King

In this far-flung shire their beauty and grace
Delight all our days and our nights
Which makes this forever a magical place
filled with these wonderful sights

Charm, wit and skill, they also possess,
Which they have shown many a time
But to truly praise them, I must confess
I cannot write good enough rhyme

Of wit, skill and beauty, you all have a part
But only sweet Kate has captured my heart

Bartholomew de la Roverre

Know: I sought out sweet-fleshed maidens
Soaring silently: I’d seize them on Mid-Summer Eve.
Coming quickly: to some keen-edged crag,
rank & rain-swept: raw-faced wind-blown spine of the berg.
Solemnly standing: we’d sing each other madrigals, sweet & low.
Halooing hollowly: the harsh-voiced swains would follow,
hot & hungry: & howl me challenges,
crassly calling: with the croak of ravens.
Fell & furious: I’d fall on their panoplies,
strongly & sternly: stoop on them with strokes of flame
doleful & deadly: & there devour, or drive them headlong.
Ah, winsome & wistful: the womenfolk will rock the bairns
plump & peaceful: & passionately mourn forgotten lovers
lithe & lissome: with lullabies & rounds or ballads
of daring deeds: & dream of me!

Bartholomew de la Roverre
Thomas Tanner of Ely