Oktoberfest 2012 That Was

Last Saturday saw the Shire’s first Oktoberfest.  The day included a light and heavy picnic tourney as well as the brewing competition.

There was a great turnout of fighters for the afternoon’s picnic tourney.  The winner of the light tourney was Lord Rannulf, and the winner of the heavy tourney was Lord Garsiyya.

The brewing competition was held later in the afternoon.  Lords Thomas, Alasdair, Gerault, Garsiyya and Rannulf all brought a variety of brews to the competition, though not all were entered.  The overall winner was a sweet mead, The Valley, made by the lords Alasdair and Gerault.  Lord Thomas’ stout came a close second.  Voting was by popular acclaim.  Special note should be made to Lord Rannulf for the variety of brews he brought.

I would like to thank everyone for their efforts toward this successful event, and well done to all.

みどり かえで

Midori Kaede