Upcoming Events: Jan-March 2013

Events and activities to look forward to over the next few months are:

Saturday 26 January: Penguin Summer Academy of Combat
This event will include extensive combat classes and training, a tournament, a workshop on designing a menu and a mystery class! Lunch will be potluck and there will be no event fee. Watch the blog for more info.

Sunday 27 January: Kimono making workshop
Our very own expert in all things Japanese and needlework will run a workshop on making a kimono. I’ve heard it’s all rectangles, so easy anyone could do it! Come along for a cosy sewing day with good people.

Saturday 16 February: Valentines Picnic
Join us for a tournament, armoured combat and rapier, in Keurboom Park. There will be a picnic as well as the tournament, which promises great chivalric show. Spectators are encouraged to give small gifts to the combatants they most admire.

Friday-Sunday 22-24 March: Here Be Dragons
This is our annual weekend away event. The event will include armoured combat and rapier combat, at least one tournament and several classes. All meals are provided and are based on pre-Renaissance recipes, including the Saturday night feast. This event is always a fantastic time, hanging out with great people for a relaxed weekend of fun and fine food.

Regular activities:
Armoured combat practice: 10am-12pm on Sundays
Rapier combat practice: 6pm-8pm on Wednesdays

For information on any of these activities, mail info@adamastorshire.co.za