A&S 18.05.13 Money wrappers and inro

Saturday saw the first of the paper craft A&S afternoons.  The afternoon started with money wrappers – origami wallets.

Money wrapper were used in ancient Japan before the invention of wallets.  The money wrapper is rather simple to make, and a variety of coloured paper can be used to different effect.

DSC09549 DSC09550













After money wrappers, we moved on to inro.  Inro were used in later period to carry small things from the obi.  They are sagemono – a term used for things hanging from an obi – but were a stack of nested boxes specifically for small items.

The paper inro that were made were much simpler in design and only consisted of one box.

DSC09551 DSC09553 DSC09554

















The inro were a little more time consuming and required some decorating, glueing and a touch of needlework.

DSC09555 DSC09556












Completed items.

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