Hey potential brewmasters/bremistresses

You’ll need a carboy or other brewing vessel, with an airlock, if you have
one, and a large-ish cooking pot, if you plan on brewing at my place and
not just watching.

I plan to pick up a couple of fermentation buckets when I get the
ingredients on Saturday so we might have spare. I also have a spare airlock
and tubing to McGyver one. Airlocks are a tiny bit less critical with beer
than mead, because fermentation is more rapid.

I’m a little leery of anyone’s brew surviving a car trip, though, so my
initial plan was to do more of a workshop demo than a full-on brewing
session, but that’s up to everyone, I’m also OK with the fermentation
vessels living in my garage until bottling day.

The plan is to do two different batches if we have time, we’ll start off
with an all-extract basic ale brew, and then maybe a partial grain brew
where we can play with a range of other flavours.

IMPORTANT: Please RSVP directly to me, I only get the list in digest.

YIS, Thomas

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