The Wolf in Winter

Here Ye! Here Ye!

The frozen winter has descended on Adamastor. As we look forward to warm fires, feasting and bardic endeavours some will risk their lives in the cold to keep the shire safe. There are wolves about. And an Order of Wolves is brewing.

Who will be first of the order of the wolf? Who will suffer the most from the frozen winter and be awarded the hat of Beowulf to keep them warm through the rest of winter and the next – where they will have the advantage of the hat at the next such tournament, assuming that they have treated it with dignity and honour.

Lone Wolf Tournament:
– Challengers line up in reverse OP.
– As each challenger enters the list, the first remaining opponent is fought.
– If the challenger wins, then the next opponent in the line joins them and 2 people fight the challenger.
– If the challenger wins, then the next opponent in the line joins them and 3 people fight the challenger.
– Rinse and repeat until the challenger dies.
– Points are awarded based on the number of kills the challenger achieves.
– We may run this multiple times.
– Double kills are a single point to the challenger, but the challenge is over.

There are prizes for the victor in rapier and armoured combat. Those present will choose the first of the order of the wolf.

Where: Keurboom Park
When: Sunday 28th July, 10 for 10:30.
What: Tournament! Socialising! Picnic if you’re brave!

In case of rain, we will meet at the Enviro Centre and fight there.

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  1. What date is this on (I know I can look up the calendar, but it might be useful to include the date here as well as the time)

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