Bardic Feast

Bards and performers please tighten your strings, wet your reeds and collect your thoughts. It is time to prepare for the Shire of Adamastor’s annual Bardic Feast. You are invited to sing, recite or play for your supper.

Those who commit an item of performance will be given a discount on the event fee so sign up today to ensure that your item has a place on the programme. Prizes will be given to children’s entries and to the best Bard of the evening (as voted by the populace)

Place: Mead Way, Pinelands (Please contact Event Steward for directions)
Date: Saturday 17 August 2013
Time: 18h00
Price: R60 (Standard price) R50 (Performers price)
(children under 6 free, under 12 half price)
Event cook: Lord Thomas Tanner of Ely
Event Steward: Mistress Katherine Percival (kshippey23 (at) gmail)

Please let the event steward know as soon as possible if you will be attending and if you have any dietary requirements.

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