If someone speaks insults to another man, they shall meet where three roads meet. If he who has spoken comes and not the insulted one, then he shall be as he’s been called: no right to swear oaths, no right to bear witness, may it concern man or woman.

If the insulted one comes and not he who has spoken, then he shall cry ”Niðingr!” three times and make a mark in the ground, and he is worse who spoke what he dared not keep.

Now both meet fully armed: if the insulted one falls, the compensation is half a weregild; if he who has spoken falls, insults are the worst, the tongue the head’s bane, he shall lie in a field of no compensation

on the field of squirrels, which is the traditional place, shall we meet to right all insults that have been done. there shall be the holmgang, where all who speak insults shall meet those who have been insulted. thereafter, once all matters having been settled, there shall be a test of arms to show our renewed friendship

all warriors of standing are invited to this field, all populace are invited to bear witness

mundane details:
24 november 2013
14:00 (fighting from 15:00)
keuboom park

please email maelduinmac@gmail.com for any further details

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