Yule 2013

Yule is coming! With gift giving, fencing fighting, armoured activities and feasting fun!

Come again and gather on the grass under the three oaks, watch the spectacle, partake in the fun of the gift game, and merrily feast with the Shire of Adamastor as we celebrate the feast of Yule.

Where: Garsiyya and Mairi Jean’s house
When: Sunday 15th December, 10am onwards.|
Cost: R50 covers the feast.  Ages 6-12 half price. Under 6 free.  When booking, please let the event steward know if you have any dietary requirements.

The probable schedule: Rapier at 10:30, armoured combat to follow at about 11:30, feast to follow between 1 and 2.  Gift giving game after lunch.  Boffering and swimming at any time during or in between.

For the gift giving game, bring a present to add to the pile and to join the game.  There is a strong preference for gifts to be valued at less than R50 (though sometimes this is difficult…

Please book your place at the feast by 8th December by emailing the event steward.  And remember to bring your feast gear!

Event Steward: Garsiyya (garsiyya_al_qurtubi (at) yahoo.co.uk)
Head Cook: Mairi Jean
Marshals-in-Charge: Rannulf (rapier), Alasdair (armoured)

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