Yule that was

The shire gathered on a pleasant day in December to watch a festival of rapier and armoured combat and to feast together.

kaedeMuch frivolity was had when the rapier participants attempted to escort a prisoner (who had a gun concealed upon their person!) through a passageway of potential troublemakers – all of whom turned out to be eager to steal the prisoner and claim the reward for their safe delivery.  After many a shot in the back, and little successful delivery of the prisoner, Kaede-sama took the honours and the prize.

The armoured combatants each had a different task – to rescue a damsel from a castle.  The first engagement was a bridge battle facing two trolls, the second a fight over the barrier with an ogre and the third a wyvern consisting of a sword and shield head and great weapon tail.  The fighting was fierce, but no damsels were saved.  4 fighters drew for top awards, something that a quick round robin resolved with Garsiyya taking the honours.

Lord Alasdair and Lord Rannulf, sponsors for the tournament, had conspired to award a prize to the fighter with the most points from rapier and armoured combat.  Thus did Mu’allim Garsiyya receive a bottle of fine brandy and Lord Mael Duin the prize for the armoured combat.

thomasA feast of plenty followed cooked by Mistress Mairi Jean with some dessert delights from Lord Thomas.  And it was good.  And it was filling.  And much food was enjoyed.  Watch this site for the recipes!

But Yule is not yule if the Game is not played.  And so 20 entrants placed their gifts on the table and 20 entrants got to steal or select their gift from young and old alike.  Much enjoyment was had by all; however it was noted that Lord Gerault did take to the game with more delight and enjoyment than most.  And it was good!

Many thanks to all that attended and those that took part.  It was wonderful having such a good turnout.  Below are some pictures from the day.  Sadly there aren’t any of the feasting or the yule game – but hopefully we’ll get lots next time!

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