Valentine Tourney 2014

The time has come once more to celebrate the day devoted to romantic love through the display of skill at arms and art.

To this end, we will meet on the field in Keurboom park on Sunday the 16th of February, from 10 in the morning, breaking from our endeavors to picnic when the sun is at its highest. The bards of the shire are invited to entertain the populace during this repast, through songs or poems touching on the theme of love.

Whosoever emerges victorious on the day, whether fencer, bard or heavy fighter, will earn the right to crown the queen or king of love and beauty for the tournament.

As has become our tradition, members of the populace are encouraged to present gifts to those taking to the field, as their hearts direct them.

The details again:

A tournament and picnic at Keurboom park on Sunday the 16th of February, beginning at 10am. Some drinks will be provided, but please bring food according to your tastes. This event is garbed.

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