Oktoberfest 2014 That Was

As has now become tradition, the last Saturday of October was Oktoberfest.  This year the weather was rather blustery but that did not deter fighters, nor spectators.






The day started with a bridge battle.





Team Awesome and Team Badass met on the lofty bridge.







But oh, a lonely defender! Oh, valiant knight…






And some trouser failure~!  The crowd was astir with mirth.

After a brief respite, the fighting continued with the rapier tournament.






A lonely man set upon in an ‘shady’ alley








But wait~!  A new weapon in the ‘confines’ of the alley.







Bring on the flashy displays…







…but they all fell down.








And the winners – in white, Mu’allim Garsiyya won the heavy tournament.








And in the, Lord Mael Duin won the rapier tournament.


Onward to the whence the event gets its name – the brews.  This year we were treated to not only pickles but also pretzel breads and home made sausages in the shape of burger patties.






There were also two types of olives and beetroot.



A smaller variety than last year but no less enjoyable.  Last year’s winner The Valley made a reemergence but Lord Rannulf’s metheglin containing meadowsweet, rosehip and sage was a clear winner.






And as the day drew to a close, a meal was shared between friends.


Thanks to everyone who attended and especially to those that presented something at the competition.  And thanks to Mu’alliam Garsiyya and Mistress Mairi Jean for the gracious use of their house.

Hope to see you next time, and keep up the brewing.

Photographs by Daniella of Adamastor and Kaede-sama.

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