the penguin summer academy of combat

greetings to the shire of adamastor

it is now that time when all who pursue the art of combat, either defence or armoured or even ranged, come together to hone their skills and test themselves. everyone is welcome, even if you have never picked up a stick, blade or bow. there will be the traditional armour discussion first, followed by classes. after lunch there is to be an archery competition, followed by a rapier tournament. the day will end with a round of the adamastor 100

there will be sekanjabin provided, but food and other refreshment will need to be brought along

date: 31 january
venue: valkenberg environment centre

10:00 set up archery net for people to use through out the day
10:30 armour review
11:00 rapier/c&t class
12:00 lunch (bring your own)
12:30 heavy class
14:00 melee/squad practice
15:00 archery tournament
16:00 rapier tournament
17:00 adamastor 100

the archery net will be available through out the day for anyone to use

for any further details contact mael duin

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