The Penguin Summer Academy of Combat That Was










Yesterday saw our 2015 Penguin Summer.  It was a day filled with rapier, heavy fighting and a spot of archery.  The day started with the setting up of the archery safety net which is now working, and working rather well.

The first class of the day was a rapier/C&T class for the use of cloaks and spears.

DSC00057 DSC00061 DSC00066 DSC00067 DSC00070





Lord Rannulf showing the principles of using a cloak.





A talk through demonstration…






…followed by a walk through.





Onward to the spear with Lord Rannulf and Mael Duin.





Working out the various aspects of defence.


Lunch followed the rapier class and then it was time for the heavy class lead by Mu’allim Garsiyya – Mindful Combat: Evaluating your opponent.

DSC00078 DSC00079 DSC00080 DSC00081
























During the heavy class some archers took to the field.  However, the arrows (more than over due for some maintenance) lost their fletching.





A lone shot from Lord Gerault was the extent of the archery competition.


Penguin ended off with two tournaments – C&T and heavy.  The C&T tournament consisted of a round robin with matched weapons followed by a melee.

DSC00085 DSC00088 DSC00090 DSC00094 DSC00095




Single sword

Lord Mael Duin and Mu’allim Garsiyya




Sword and rigid parry

Lords Rannulf and Mael Duin




Sword and dagger

Mu’allim Garsiyya and Lord Rannulf




Sword and cloak

Mu’allim Garsiyya and Lord Rannulf






Missed weapons.


The winner was Lord Mael Duin and second Mu’allim Garsiyya.

The heavy tournament was part of the Adamastor 100.  A bear pit with Mu’allim Garsiyya winner and Lord Alasdair coming second.






Lords Gerault and Alasdair







Lords Mael Duin and Gerault







Mu’allim Garsiyya and Lord Rannulf






Lords Mael Duin and Rannulf


Our thanks to Lord Mael Duin for organising Penguin 2015, and for all who participated.

Photographs by Kaede-sama.

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