Valentine Picnic That Was

Neatly trimmed grass and dappled shade set the scene for this year’s Valentine Picnic, which fell on Valentine’s Day – 14 February.  As is tradition, the picnic was held at Keurboom Park among the trees.

The day started with the rapier tournament – a round robin to declare the victor’s lady the Queen of Hearts.

DSC00111 DSC00113 DSC00115 DSC00118 DSC00122





Lord Rannulf and Adam






Lord Mael Duin and Adam





Lords Rannalf and Mael Duin





Mu’allim Garsiyya and Lord Mael Duin





Mu’allim Garsiyya and Adam



The day was won by Lord Mael Duin and his lady, the lovely Lady Claire, declared the Queen of Hearts.  The tie for second was battled out with a malee and second place was awarded to Mu’allim Garsiyya.

Onward to the heavy tournament where fighters had to pay the Queen of Hearts a token to fight.

DSC00129 DSC00131 DSC00135 DSC00136





Lord Alasdair and Mu’allim Garsiyya





Lord Mael Duin and Adam






Adam and Mu’allim Garsiyya





Lords Rannulf and Maul Duin


History repeated itself with Lord Maul Duin taking first place and Mu’allim Garsiyya  second.  The day ended with the non-fighters giving the fighters a small token of thanks for the display.

Next month sees White Day on 14 March where fighters show their thanks to non-fighters with a small token.

Photographs by Kaede-sama.

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