Shire Birthday 2015

This May the 30th, the Shire of Adamastor celebrates its 19th year of shared friendship, passion, dedication, creativity and service. It’s not going to be as huge as the “big 20” the list is already abuzz about, but come join us anyway in celebration of Adamastor’s last year as a teenager!

Where: Main hall, St Thomas’ Church, Campground Rd, Rondebosch
When:  Saturday, the 6th of June, from 6pm to 10pm.
Cost: R70.00 per person, half price for children under 12 years.
RSVP: by June the 1st.
Why: Because it’s gonna be awesome!

This event we have a Saxon themed feast in the planning, and as usual, we’ll try our best to tickle your medievally attuned taste buds and sate even the most voracious of appetites.

The festivities will be livened up by a “Bar Room Brawl”, marshalled by Lord Maelduin, in which our rowdy but dashing rapier fighters have at each other with the aid of unusual offhand weapons…

In addition to the usual feasting, drinking and socializing there will also be our yearly Arts & Science competition, run by our Minister of Art and Sciences, Kaede. The possible scope of entries is very broad; anything you’ve crafted, forged, whittled, turned, cast, cooked, pickled, baked, brewed, sewed, dyed or embroidered within the last year, with medieval relevance, qualifies.

Also note that our Minister of A & S requests that some documentation be submitted along with the entries. Anything from a simple handwritten card with the ‘documentation essentials’ (i.e. time period, type of item, culture, place – 9th century oval brooch cast in bronze, viking, originally found in Birka grave 345, Sweden ) to a page of factual information relating to the history or creation process of your entry is welcome! There is a prize for the most popular item entered into the competition, and of course the feeling of satisfaction and pride of having made something and displaying it for your friends to see!

Any specific dietary requirements or queries? Please do not hesitate to email the event steward, Una Ágeirsdóttir.

Event steward: Una Ágeirsdóttir (slinky_bass (at) yahoo dot co uk)
Head cook:     Lord Thomas Tanner of Ely
MiC:   Lord Mael Duin mac Rogellaig (marshal (at) adamastorshire dot co za)

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