Bardic That Was

Bardic 2015 saw sad farewell, but that did not mean an evening of gloom. There was delicious food, entertaining song and merry company.

Fresh bread and creamy cheeses started off the evening of treats. Young Rose and Sarah kicked off the evening’s bardic entertainment with a recorder piece and a lovely poem.





The evening moved on to soup and bread. A light chicken soup alongside a smooth mixed vegetable soup.





A fond farewell to Lord Rannulf and Lady Ameline with members of the Shire saying their ‘thank yous’.



The evening continued with story and music, and dessert to round off the evening’s meal.


Thanks to all who presented a bardic piece and made the evening so entertaining.

Thanks to Mistress Mairi Jean and Mu’allim Garsiyya for the generous use of their house.

Photographs by Kaede-sama.

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