Oyez! Oyez! Yule is coming! The logs shall burn! Steel and rattan shall clash in a Spectacle for the Joy of the Shire.  And there shall be Gifts.  A game of gifts as Tradition does dictate.

Where: Garsiyya and Mairi Jean’s house
When: Saturday 5 December, 14:00
What: Bring and braai
Please bring: meat for the braai, drinks for yourself, something medieval to share – e.g. bread, salad, anything small to spread the load of creating the non-meat portion of the meal.

Rapier will start at 14:30ish, Armoured combat to follow at 15:30ish.  The braai will begin and the game of gifts may take place while meat burns. Boffering and swimming at any time during or in between. For the gift giving game, bring a present to add to the pile and to join the game. There is a strong preference for gifts to be valued at less than R80.

Please bring your feast gear, candles and garb.  Please let the event steward know if you need garb.

Event Steward: Garsiyya
Braai Meister: Meister Guntram
Marshal-in-Charge: Garsiyya

Questions: on this thread, on the email list or to garsiyya_al_qurtubi – at – yahoo dot co dot uk

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