Yule That Was

On the first Saturday in December did the Shire of Adamastor gather to celebrate Yule!  Much was the heat.  All combatants on the day gained honour by just putting on their armour and being on the list.

First was the rapier – all fought over the barrier in pairs.  Three rounds were fought.  Three bouts were fought per round – one with each other combatant.  It was fast and fun and fiery.


No one is sure who won the rapier.  Sun addled brains no longer remember the actual scores.

Then was the armoured combat – first – a round robin at the barrier


Then a round robin over the barrier


Garsiyya won the armoured combat tournament narrowly defeating Mael Duin.

We had newcomers


And old timers back with us


And the Yule gift game was played.


Then the braai was had.


Many thanks to all who joined us and made the day so enjoyable.  It was a great end to the year.

And many thanks to Daniel for all the pictures!

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