HBD XX A&S Competition

Greetings all
As our twenty year celebration is also our Shire’s birthday, we will have our annual birthday A&S competition.
Items can be put on display round Saturday midday and voting will take place during the feast.
There will be three categories.
Authenticity – period pieces with full documentation
Novice – young or inexperienced artisans with either full or partial documentation
Whimsical – arguably period pieces with partial (or full) documentation
There will be a prize for each category as well as a prize for the overall winner.
Pieces for entry may fall into any A&S skill including food and dance/music.
Partially completed pieces are acceptable.
If your piece(s) can’t travel for size or fragility, you may bring photographs.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Midori Kaede

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