There’s a Dragon in my Cowshed schedule

Below is the preliminary schedule for Dragonshed.
Begin decorating as soon as Janet lets us
12:00 Site officially opens
12:00 Lego competition explained and participants let loose.
13:00 Lunch: Garsiyya in charge
14:00 A&S: Guntram: lost wax process begins. Will continue throughout event
15:00 Combat set up
15:00 A&S: Una: bread making 
16:00 Armoured Combat: tournament
17:00 Begin preparing braai
18:00 Meat on braai
18:00 Boffer maintenance
19:00 Supper, braai: Guntram in charge
08:00 Breakfast: Katherine in charge
08:00 A&S competition entries set out
09:00 A&S: Thomas: Meat balls
10:30 Archery scored round [simultaneous with mould making]
10:30 Making clay moulds for the lost wax process [simultaneous with archery]
13:00 Lunch: Thomas in charge
14:00 Rapier combat: Pick ups/class
15:00 A&S: Kaede: Chemise making 
16:00 Boffering
17:30 Talk: Mael Duin on Scotland
19:00 Feast (Thomas in charge)
During feast: Memories and anecdotes of Adamastor 1996-2016
During feast: A&S competition winner announced
08:00 Breakfast (Mairi Jean in charge)
09:00 Easter egg hunt for children (Katherine in charge) 
09:30 Archery head to head 
12:30 Rapier tournament
13:30 Lunch (left overs; Thomas in charge)
14:30/15:00 Potjies on the fire; multiple cooks [timing varies for each potjie]
15:00 Lego projects all put on display for judging
16:00 Discussion: Medieval Easter
16:30/17:00 Firing of moulds using potjie fires
17:00 Combat: Melee
19:00 Supper; potjies; multiple cooks
Late: Easter egg hunt in the dark for the adults
08:00 Breakfast; Kaede & Una in charge

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