XX Birthday Celebration

May 2016 is the Shire’s twentieth birthday and to observe this occasion, I’ve put together a random selection of photographs spanning from 1997/8 to 2016.

Some of the photographs are rather old – the early days of digital photography – so they may be smaller and somewhat fuzzy, but they are a part of the Shire’s history.

Archery 1997-8 1 Belladonna Fighter practice with King Matthew Jehanne Wayfarer 1999 #6 Yule 2003 #1 Katherine, Ginevra, Cassandra 1997-8 Wayfarer 1999 #5 Matthew, Anna, Rhienwen, Umberto Lick + Stick IMG_0843 Imag0011 Hbdiii-0030 Hbdiii-0023 Imag0037 IMG_6142 Hbdiii-0065 Hbdiii-0074 IMG_0330 Hbdiii-0069 CowshedX-0098 IMG_0443 CowshedX-0096 13897568118_d677545f0d 13929035767_04071d0cae CowshedX-0070 13928974999_ac8d95acd1 DSC00684 DSC03976 MK02 CowshedX-0101 IMG_0469 CowshedX-0060 DSCN4947 DSCN4964 DSC00048 DSC00172 DSC03883 14112435821_b4a37ae21a_b DSC09042 DSC09639 14136159363_891c921bff_b DSC09614 DSC00029 DSC01009 DSC09965 DSC04337 DSC03882 DSC04531

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