There’s a Dragon in my Cowshed 2016

As this year is our Shire’s twentieth year, two events were merged to create one long event of celebration. Our birthday, Cowshed, and our annual away event, Here Be Dragons, combined to form There is a Dragon in my Cowshed.

The weekend was filled with a variety of activities that delighted everyone.

The Feast Treats

DSC01002 DSC01009 DSC01010





Delightful meatfruits by Lady Una






Boar’s head by Lady Una







Turnip tusk


The Arts and Science Competition








Tunic by Mistress Katherine










Mead by Lord Rannulf





Jewllery by Lady Una

Music by Mistress Marie Jean

Over all winner was Lady Una.

The Lego Competition

DSC01023 Lady Una

DSC01017 Lord Thomas and Elizabeth

DSC01022  Lord Simon and Lady Stronisława

DSC01020 Wayne and Nathan

DSC01019 Mu’allim Garsiyya and Hedwig

DSC01018 DSC01046 Branwyn

The winner of the Lego competition was Branwyn.

The Potjie Competition

DSC01025 Afternoon of cooking

DSC01045 Tasting and voting

The winners were Lords Thomas and Rannulf

Lost Wax Casting









Breaking the mould









Picking through the pieces









A free piece







Rinsing off the mould







Bid of a scrub with a wire brush







A finished piece









Another piece from the weekend


There was also some archery…

DSC00980 DSC00981























…and some combat.

DSC00993 DSC00994 DSC01040 DSC01041 DSC01042





























As always, thanks to cooks, kitchen hands, event stewards and members who made this event worthwhile and enjoyable.

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