Bardic 2016

Greetings to the Shire

Let it be known that the annual Bardic feast will be held on Saturday 27th August at the house of Mistress Jean and Master Garsiyya from the hour of six.You are invited to share acts of performance art with the Shire for the entertainment and merriment of all.

Where: Pinelands
When Saturday 27 August
The fire will start from 2pm and all are welcome to come and relax as the cooks prepare the potjies and bread. The event will formally start at 6pm
Cost: R50 (2 course meal provided), children under 6 free.

Don’t forget to bring your feast gear and your own drinks.

Please RSVP to the event steward, Mistress Katherine, before 23 August. Please confirm dietary requirements and your performance for the programme,

Feast fee can be paid on the evening or in advance through an EFT to the Shire account. Please contact Katherine off list should you require the address or banking details.

Yours in Service
Katherine Percival
exchequer (at) adamastorshire

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