Names or devices marked with a * have been registered by the College of Arms.

* Shire of Adamastor
Gyronny argent and azure, a merlion erect Or within a laurel wreath vert.

* Berthold Wolfer
Per fess azure and vert, a wolf passant contourney Or.

* Cassandra Tantifer
Per chevron throughout argent and purpure, three dragons segreant counterchanged.

* Garsiyya ibn Ibrahim ibn Sulaiman al-Qurtubi
Azure, a shakefork argent charged with a moon in her complement gules.

* Ginevra dell’Acqua
Azure, a phoenix Or issuant from flames gules and in chief two crescents argent, within a bordure counter-pean.

* Gregor MacGregor
Per pale argent and azure, a saltire counterchanged.

* Guntram von Wolkenstein
Per pale sable and Or, a cinquefoil counterchanged.

* Jehanne de Huguenin
Sable, three owls wings elevated argent, each maintaining a willow slip vert.

 Katherine Percival
Vert, two wings conjoined and on a chief Or three escallops vert.

Llewellyn Dhu
Sable, a bend sinister between two otters passant bendwise sinister argent.

* Mairi Jean
Per chevron throughout sable and azure, two astrolabes argent and a cat Or.

Màel Duin mac Rogellaig
Per fess argent and gules, a pile sable

* Rannulf Sweartfeax
Argent, a goutte des larmes and an orle sable.

* Thomas Tanner of Ely
Ermine, on a fess cotised sable two crescents argent.

* Shire of Adamastor
(Fieldless) A merlion erect Or, crined sable.

Ginevra dell’Acqua
(Fieldless) A goat statant paly argent and azure.

* Guntram von Wolkenstein
(Fieldless) A cinquefoil per pale Or and sable.