Getting Involved

The easiest way to get involved in the Shire of Adamastor, the Cape Town branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, is to come along to one of our events. We have big events with a lot going on, but we also have smaller activities. Our big events involve some or all of getting dressed up in medieval garb, cooking and eating a feast, taking part in or watching a tournament, giving or attending classes, taking part in arts and science activities and generally socialising with a friendly community. Smaller activities are combat practice and craft meetings. All of our events and activities, big or small, are listed on the calendar.

Once you have an idea of the aspects of the SCA which you enjoy or find interesting, you might want to get more involved with one thing in particular. For instance, you might want to learn how to take part in combat, either rapier or heavy combat. The fighters meet once or twice a week and are always happy to have someone join them to watch, chat and learn. If you are interested in sewing or embroidery, there are several needleworkers in the Shire who would be happy to share resources and have you join the group. If you are interested in any sort of medieval craft you will find people who share your interest; possibilities include leatherwork, pewter casting and brewing.

Every feast involves cooking and we have access to many wonderful period cookbooks which we draw on for recipes. Sometimes those interested in cooking meet to try something new and for each feast the shire cooks together or separately prepare several dishes.

Our shire business meetings are where the officers (the committee) and others who are interested get together to plan upcoming events and activities and discuss anything interesting or important that has happened. Everyone is welcome.

Take a look at the calendar, follow us on Twitter @adamastorshire, send an email to and, best of all, come along to an event.