Order of the Goblet

For some years it has been a tradition in the shire to give a silver goblet engraved with a merlion to those of our members who have gone away into the wide world. This token is also given to travellers who have crossed the wide reaches of the Known World to visit out distant shores, in the hopes that they will remember their sojourn here with pleasure. Members of this Order are tasked with raising a toast to the Shire of Adamastor whenever they should encounter one another in distant lands.

Blaise de Claivaux, first Seneschal of Adamastor September AS XXXIII [1998]
Jan van Seist and Cairistíona nic Bhreaonnaguinn December AS XXXIII [1998]
Matthew and Anna, King and Queen of Drachenwald October AS XXXIV [1999]
Rhienwen and Umberto October AS XXXIV [1999]
Meriel of the Marsh May AS XXXV [2000]
Peregrine, King of Drachenwald May AS XXXVI [2001]
Elffin, King of Drachenwald August AS XXXVI [2001]
Mistress Mirabel Belchere November AS XXXVIII [2003]
Lucilla Merlino November AS XXXVIII [2003]
Llewellyn Dhu December AS XXXVIII [2003]
Anna von Urwald, Queen of Drachenwald December AS XXXVIII [2003]
Honor of Restormel, Queen of Drachenwald October AS XXXIX [2004]
Mistress Jaelle of Armida October AS XXXIX [2004]
Mistress Johanna aff Hucka October AS XXXIX [2004]
Ginevra dell’Acqua December AS XL [2005]
Brünhilde von Magdeburg December AS XL [2005]
Gregor MacGregor December AS XL [2005]
Sir Grimr March AS XL [2006]
Sir Padraig March AS XL [2006]
Master Pietari and Lady Kerttu December AS XLI [2006]
Beowulf December AS XLII [2007]
Sir John Peregrine of Restormel April AS XLII [2008]
Gerhardt von Wustenburg, King of Drachenwald, and Judith de Northumbria, Queen of Drachenwald November AS XLIV [2009]
UlfR Bloodfoot Fallgrson, King of Drachenwald, and Caoimhe ingen Domnaille, Queen of Drachenwald November AS XLV [2010]
Màel Duin mac Rogellaig and Claire of Adamastor November AS XLVI [2011]
Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Queen of Drachenwald December AS XLVII [2012]
Rannulf Sweartfeax and Ameline de Leeuwe July AS L [2015]
William and Isabetta, King and Queen of Drachenwald April AS LI [2017]
Dame Genevieve la Flechiere April AS LI [2017]