Shire Officers

The Seneschal has overall responsibility for the shire and tries to keep the other officers moving in the same direction. The current seneschal is Lord Mael Duin mac Rogellaig (Lucas Wheeler). The seneschal can be contacted on seneschal (at) adamastorshire

The Herald makes official announcements and assists people in choosing an authentic medieval name and coat of arms. The current herald is Meister Guntram von Wolkenstein (Eckhard Gartz). The herald can be contacted on herald (at) adamastorshire

The Marshal controls combat-related activity in the shire and makes sure that everyone abides by the safety regulations. The current marshal is Lord Mael Duin mac Rogellaig (Lucas Wheeler). The marshal can be contacted on marshal (at) adamastorshire

The Exchequer holds the shire’s purse strings, collects money at events and grudgingly doles it out for shire activities. The current exchequer is Lady Katherine Percival (Karen Shippey). The exchequer can be contacted on exchequer (at) adamastorshire

 Arts and Sciences
The Minister of Arts and Sciences promotes non-combat activity in the shire. This includes any kind of art and craft known in the middle ages. The current minister is Lady Kaede Midori (Candice-Lynne Barker). The minister of arts and science can be contacted on arts (at) adamastorshire

The Chronicler publishes the monthly shire newsletter and has the enviable job of nagging people to submit articles. The current chronicler is Mistress Kaede Midori (Candice-Lynne  Barker). The chronicler can be contacted on chronicler (at) adamastorshire

 Rapier Marshal
The Rapier Marshal is responsible for renaissance-style fencing in the shire. The current rapier marshal is Meister Guntram von Wolkenstein (Eckhard Gartz). The rapier marshal can be contacted on rapiers (at) adamastorshire

 Web Minister
The Web Minister maintains these webpages. The current web minister is mu’allim Garsiyya ibn Ibrahim ibn Sulaiman al-Qurtubi (Patrick Vine). The web minister can be contacted on webminister (at) adamastorshire