Travelling from outside South Africa

Adamastor is in Cape Town.  The international airport is Cape Town International. Griffon’s Tor is in Gauteng.  The international airport is OR Tambo International (which used to be Johannesburg International).  Some international flights to Cape Town stop in Johannesburg (often without you needing to leave the plane.)

There are several airlines that fly direct to Cape Town from Europe.  There are several cheaper options that fly via destinations in the Middle East.  Below are a selection of airlines that shire members have had experience with.  Search them all to see what fits for you.

Note – staying slightly longer might be cheaper – and there is lots to do in Cape Town and South Africa.  Contact the shire if you would like to come and need crash space either side of the event and we will make a plan for you. We are also happy to be tour guides during your stay.

Cape Town is hot in March.  Greyton can be cooler at nights.  Greyton tourism information can be found at:

British Airways – – flies direct from London to Cape Town.  Often stopping in Johannesburg.

South African Airlines – – flies direct to South Africa from many hubs in Europe.

KLM – – flies direct to South Africa from Amsterdam.

Turkish Airlines – – cheaper flights via Istanbul.  There can be a longish layover in Istanbul as a result the length of travel is a lot longer.  However they used to have very good luggage allowance.  It is also relatively simple (and at no extra air travel cost) to have a longer layover in Istanbul and stay for a day to see a vast amount of medieval history such as Aya Sofya, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome. The military museum is also very interesting.

Emirates – – cheaper flights via Dubai.  There is a layover in Dubai and as a result the length of the travel is a lot longer.  It is also relatively simple to book a longer stay over in Dubai in order to experience the city and break the travel up a bit.

Etihad – – cheaper flights via Abu Dhabi.  This has been found to be a good option by shire members.

Qatar – cheaper flights via Doha.  This has also been found to be a good option by shire members.

If you find any information to add to this list or additional pros / cons of the different airlines, let us know.

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